Sunday, August 2, 2009


LABPOOLTM, a novel bench-applied refreshing system for researchers working during summertime

Karl Littos-Kurtz, Fairygu Gargi, Wilhelm Bones
Tremendous Institute of Tip-technology (TIT), Almería, Spain

Research in the summer months is one of the most complicated and energy-consuming activities. In this period, the difference in temperature between exterior and interior of research facilities can be especially high in some Mediterranean countries, and it has been documented more than one spontaneous combustion of researchers coming in and/or out of their laboratory premises in such hot areas. In this short report, we present a novel device, LABPOOLTM, with proved utility of refreshing researchers and created with cheap and re-usable materials. A prototype of LABPOOLTM is shown in Figure 1, and its versatility is illustrated in Figures 2 and 3. In Figure 2, we propose a seashore-like pool variant, and in Figure 3 we show one of the multiple picturesque backgrounds which can make the bathing experience at the lab even more enjoyable.

We are currently working in the design of bigger, personalized versions of LABPOOLTM, suitable for PIs, Postdocs, PhD students, and visiting fellows, who can find in LAPBPOOLTM an excellent opportunity to enjoy the typical Mediterranian summer holydays without even leaving the laboratory. A preview of our LABPOOLTM invention has been released at Jindetres 21/07/09.

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