Monday, May 11, 2009


A versatile sandpaper therapeutic kit against all types of flu viruses

Nestor Nuda and Shon Sonete
WHO Sales Department, Hong Kong, China

Efficient vaccination and therapies against flu viruses are challenged by the rapid changes and reassortments in the genetic content experimented by the distinct virus strains which are hosted in birds, pigs, and humans, among others (see Cellularium). Every season, about 5% of population worldwide is infected by renovated influenza viral forms and suffers the symptoms of the flu, spreading the virus particles all over by regular nose blowing, impulsive sneezing, and occasional kissing. A major handicap in the prevention of flu epidemics is the human practice of using soft handkerchiefs to clean the nose respiratory tract, here and there. This bad habit produces a numerous amount of circulating handkerchiefs full of alive viral particles, which easily colonize new hosts at areas frequented by people, such as school classrooms, public transportation, bars, and unemployment offices. Therefore, the implementation of a nose blowing system that kills all and every viral particle, regardless of their antigenic variation, during the frequent nose manipulation carried out by the infected individuals, could be a primary barrier against the expansion of the seasonal flu. Here, we present a versatile and safe sandpaper kit (SANDGRIATALTM) that has abrasive therapeutic properties against all flu virus infections, including those from all varieties of avian-, swine- and pet-influenza viruses. The kit includes a dozen reusable, water-resistant, flexible polyester microgritted sandpaper sheets (P1000, ISO 6344 standard; average particle diameter 13.3 microns), an assortment of band-aids (in case of bleeding), an airtight pocket-sized sheet container, and a multi-language manual of instructions. Our quality controls assure the extermination of flu virus particles with an efficiency of 99.9% if uniform and vigorous nose blowing is performed frequently with the sandpaper therapeutic kit during a flu episode. After several uses on the nose, the SANDGRIATALTM sandpaper can be used, without risks of infection, to soften callosities, or as a practical nail polisher. SANDGRIATALTM is available in several sheet colors and sizes, and is sold without prescription in pharmacies and in selected grocery and hardware stores.

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