Sunday, April 5, 2009


High yield of spaghetti sections with an innovative spaghetti longitudinal cutter

Conchia Rigati and Pepino Conraldo
Istituto Pastaldente di Tecnologia, Aldente, Italy

Spaghetti, together with macaroni, is the basic food for children under thirteen in the western world, and the second source of carbohydrates in the adult diet, after beer. We have previously reported the invention of an adaptable household vacuum pump suitable to isolate in one-single step the holes from all kinds of macaroni, from penne giganti to fideuá. Now, we have developed a domestic spaghetti longitudinal cutter machine, engineered to obtain with high performance thin and very thin sections from different-gauged long pasta varieties, such as bucatini, regular spaghetti, or long capellini. The cutter machine works optimally on both frozen and desiccated pasta, with a yield that ranges from two to four longitudinal sections per spaghetti unit, depending on the calibre of the starting sample. Fresh long pasta can also be sectioned with the spaghetti cutter if a previous lyophylization step is included in the cutting procedure. Advantages of sectioned spaghetti are multiple, and include faster, energy-saving cooking, tastier flavour, and easier digestion. In addition, sectioned spaghetti accommodate to all Italian and home-made recipes, and provide up to four-times more servings per dish, which can make the difference in large families during periods of unemployment and/or economic shortage.

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  1. We tested the cutter at our lab and it works fine with spaghetti and even capellini, but for some reason the darn thing blows up when you try to cut steel nails.